Failed Seat Heater Bypass
Heated Seat Bypass

When the heated seats fail in your Rangie, it is most likely caused by the heating element in the bottom seat cushion. The seat back (squab) element is usually fine. Replacement of the seat heating elements is a non-trivial task for the do-it-yourselfer, and you will pay around $400 per seat to have someone else do it for you.
Since the typical failure point is the seat bottom cushion, we can bypass the seat bottom and still heat the seat back. First, gather these supplies:

Left Seat
It would be helpful to raise the seat to make access beneath easier. Looking from the rear, locate connectors C1401 and C1402. (see photo at right)
Disconnect connector C1402, the 2-wire connector with the BLACK and BROWN / GREEN wires going in to it. The female side of the connector comes out of the floor, and the male side is attached to the seat. Insert your custom-manufactured U-shaped jumper, Rand Lover part number PC-01, into the female side of the connector. Make sure both sides of the jumper are in contact with the metal contacts inside the connector. Apply the electrical tape to cover the jumper.
You have just bypassed the seat bottom cushion, and your seat back will now heat.

Image from ETM, section Z5, page 34
{page 453 on the RAVE CD}

Bypassing the right side seat is similar. The connectors look the same. The seat bottom connector has BLACK and BROWN / BLACK wires in it.
This doesn't solve the problem of a broken heating element, but it does restore some bit of comfort until you get around to replacing the seat cushion.

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