Where's my flashlight?
Flashlight Holder for P38A

I just got a great new Mag light for Christmas; it holds 3 D cells, and is a great flashlight to have in the truck. Unfortunately, it rolls around. I wanted to put it down with my spare tire, but the HUGE 4-way lug wrench I just bought takes up all the space down there.
I bought a mounting bracket for 1.25" electrical conduit, and attached it to the subwoofer cover to hold the maglight. Here's what I did...
Remove the cover from the subwoofer in the left rear of the loadspace. I drilled a hole for a 1/4-20 bolt in the part that faces the rear gate. Run the bolt through the bracket, add a couple washers and a nut on the inside of the panel.
I also applied a bit of black duct tape to the bracket so the flashlight wouldn't get all scratched up.
The bracket originally comes with a carriage bolt and nut that would go across horizontally in this picture, I didn't use it.
I measured the height using the flashlight, so the base of the light would just touch the carpet.
Here you can see the mag light in the holder. It doesn't rattle around or hit the gate, and it's right where you need it for that dark and stormy night...

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