110VAC Inverter
110VAC Inverter Installation

I got a reasonable deal on a DC to AC power inverter and installed it in my Rangie. After all, who doesn't need 110VAC in the truck?
Since I already installed an auxiliary battery in the spare tire space, it was an easy job to wire the inverter back in the load space. I installed the inverter on the right side of the load space, attached to the trim panel where some folks have their navigation computer.
The first step is to remove the top trim panel; the service manual calls this the "Parcel Tray Support". See section 76, CHASSIS AND BODY, page 51 in the Workshop Manual. 2000 through 2002 models have a single screw and 3 plastic studs holding this piece in. 1996 through 1999 models don't have the screw.
The tricky part is the 3 clips against the glass. Take your time; if you break a plastic tab, this piece is going to vibrate and drive you crazy.
I marked and drilled 5 holes through the plastic trim panel. Four 10-24 screws with washers and nuts holds the inverter very securely. The last hole is for the power feed; the black cable in this photo.
On the 2000 (and up?) models with an auxiliary power jack in the back, you could simply plug the inverter into the aux power jack. I did not go this route for 2 reasons; this inverter can provide up to 350 watts continuous if it is directly wired to the battery (you should not draw more than 150 watts at 120VAC through an inverter plugged into a cigar lighter), and I needed this aux outlet for the DVD player in the back seat.
From here I routed the power feed down to the battery in the spare tire area. The finished install is nice and clean, and with the inverter mounted here, its very convenient, yet out of the way. When the vehicle is parked, you can barely see it through the back window.

Several of the images above (M76 3569 & M76 3570) are from the Land Rover RAVE disk #3, 2000MY Workshop Manual.
Those images are the property of Land Rover.

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