My Range Rover 
This is my truck, a 2000 North American Specification Range Rover 4.6 HSE. 
It has 18" Hurricane dual 5-spoke alloy wheels, standard on the NAS 4.6 versions. 
The 4.6L aluminum block V8 produces 225 HP and 300 lb/ft of torque. 
Power is delivered to the wheels through a ZF 4-speed auto transmission, coupled to a BorgWarner 2-speed transfer case, providing full-time 4-wheel drive with High and Low Range gears. The T-case includes a viscous coupling unit to limit speed difference between the front and rear output shafts.
The vehicle is equipped with a factory wrap-around brush bar in the front and rear lamp guards.  
The Safety Devices roof rack is black powder-coated tubular steel, mounted to the truck at 6 points, using the vehicle's recessed mounting rails. 
Four 55-watt Hella 500 off-road lights provide additional illumination for those off-to-a-late-start camping trips. The inside pair are Driving Lights, and the outside pair are Fog Lights. This combination provides long-range light from the Driving set, and a wide spread from the Fog set. 
Additional standard equipment includes a 300-watt, 12-speaker sound system with 6-disc CD changer, 4-wheel Traction Control, Electronic Air Suspension with over 5 inches of user-selectable height adjustment, heated front & rear windows and outside mirrors, and of course, full leather interior with heated, electrically adjustable front seats. 
Here's a couple of the modifications I've done to the truck
Installed an auxilary battery in the spare tire well under the rear load space
Installed a DC-to-AC inverter
Found a spot to store my flashlight
Built a set of limb risers
I've taken the Rover on a couple trail rides 
Exploring west of Central City, Colorado
Some useful things 
For some extremely useful information about Range Rovers of all ages, go check out John Brabyn's Range Rover site. There's pages and pages of great info, plus very active message boards populated with super helpful people.
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